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main features

Rewards Level

Rewards are displayed here and it also shows how close you are to redeeming a reward.

Collect Points

Click on this button to check in and start racking up points.

Available Rewards

Here, all rewards available at your favourite place are listed with details on how to redeem them.

Discover, Locate, and get Rewarded at your favourite Places

Ditch all those punch cards that fill up your wallet and are easily misplaced. With ImLoyal, you have all these cards in one app on your phone.

With imloyal, you can Find all the great and wonderful places in Ghana, Get directions from where ever you are, get Rewarded for being loyal to the Place and have all your loyalty cards in one app.

Looking for a new place to eat and don't know where to find it? Get Directions from your location to the place with ImLoyal.

As you check in and share posts and pictures at your favourite places, you earn extra points to help you meet your reward target.

With our tap to call feature, you can call your favourite places to make reservations and enquiries.

Imloyal also comes with a Deals Near Me tab where you can find all available deals, promos and discounts near you in the Imloyal app.

ImLoyal App

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, your award-winning Angus burgers, delicious cupcakes, amazing products in your shop or runway-worthy haircuts wouldn’t be possible. But a customer who only visits once won’t help to create a thriving business. What you need are repeat customers. SAY HELLO TO IMLOYAL

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